Technology Description


Technology Description

1. Describe your technology in a short, 1-2 sentence statement

  • Concise and accurate statement of what the technology is
     Laser Beam Putting Trainer which is invented to improve the putting way.
     It is developed to be used one battery
  • Describe the technology like a sales/marketing person
     It is the best Golf Training Equipment.
  • Use your brochure and pictures

Line Laser Beam

Weight, Envirement


2. Tell us WHAT your technology does

  • What benefit do you provide to your customers?
     It can be straight putting without a head-up with nice putting.
  • What kind of pain/problem are you solving for the customer/market?
     Reducing 5 stroke in a week

< US OPEN Champion 2009 >

< LPGA Pro >


3. Do not describe HOW the technology works

  • Provide detail technical details in hand-outs
     It is called to Putting Trainer (Laser Beam System)
  • Do not include technical details in the presentation