Development Status


Development Status

This slide tells how ready the innovation is for introduction to the market.



State your current development status: Is it fully developed, finished testing, field testing, prototype?
Check your Quicklook report and think what you answered in the application form.

  •  Putting laser is now fully developed and finished.



State WHAT needs to be done next: Do you need manpower? More R&D? More quality/clinical tests?

  •  We do need manpower or more R&D or more quality.
     It will be developed as a band type



Do you need to get certification for your technology? If then, what kind of certification?
If you don’t have it yet, are you planning to get it? What’s your plan to obtain the certification?

  •  We need CE, FCC. CE & RoHS were approved.
     FCC will be received in 2017.



WHEN do you think the development and/or certifications will be done? How long will it take?

  • We have already received Certification.