IP Status


IP Status


Discuss your IP Protection Strategy.

  • Tell us what has been done to protect the Intellectual Property of your innovation
     We prepare Patent Map.



Tell us about your patents

  • Is it around the design? process? What are you protecting?
     It is protecting patent.
  • Is it applied in Korea? Do you have plans to file a PCT?
    It is applied in USA. And it is applied 4 patents in Korea.



Do you have other IP protection such as trade secrets, trademarks, copyrights and/or have you published information about your innovation (such as in a journal for peer review)?

  • It is protected trademarks and in Golf Digest and in a journal
    It was received U$100,000.- as a R&D from Government.
  •    Awarded Grand Prix of 2012 Gyeonggi Venture Startup Competition
       Awarded Bronze prize on iENA 2012 in Germany
      Grand Prix of 2010 Korea Startup League
      Awarded Gold prize of 2010 Korea Invention Patent Exhibition (Government)
      Awarded Official commendation by Chairman of Korea Technology Finance Corporation



Clearly explain who has a right to or claim on the IP of your technology.

  • Alpion Co.,Ltd and David Youk .president of Alpion

KOREA  10-1404479

KOREA  10-0726802

USA PAT  USA-7229361