Markets (+Market Interest)


Markets (+Market Interest)

Identify the key markets for your technology.
For each market, use a separate slide and provide information on the:


Market size & structure

  •  It is a huge market in US and we hope to export our products to wholesalers.

This is KEY Information the judges will use to make their decisions.


What's the customer's response in the market? Use data such as survey, quotes from the Quicklook or your own experience, testing and testimonials.
(e.g. Samsung was interested in our product and ordered XX for testing, Talked with Mr. Kim at Company B and they showed interest in our technology...etc)


If you don’t agree with the Quicklook, tell about which markets and customers are interested in your technology

  •  Our products of “Putting Trainer” is interested in Golf Schools in California and they Want to import to be used a Golf Training Equipments in teaching for their students.



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