Putting Laser


Putting Laser

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CE, IEC60825, RoHS
Model No AP-N-01
Country of Origin Made in Korea
Price (FOB) USD

  • Specific

Patent in USA, Korea
Generative Horizontal laser line Weight 35 (g)
Power DC 1.5 v / 1ea Size 55 * 55 * 18 mm
Battery AAA Caution Do not light up to the eyes
Case Acrylic,Blister package Do not expose to the water, Do not drop
Obtain Patent in Korea and USA BARCODE 8 809181 72510 6


  • Function

< When Tee-Shot >

- As the straight Laser Line moving when your head up, it helps to fix your head up.
- As the horizontal Laser line on the ball indicates the direction of the ball flying,it helps to fix your swing form.


< When Putting >

- As the straight Laser line links the hole cup & ball,
it helps to catch the putting line to the hole cup as well as to fix the back
& follow swing straight and to maintain strong sence & impact power.
- It helps to have perfect exercise fffollowing to the straight Laser line.
* This can be used indoor only