Logo Printable Putting Cup & Flag


Logo Printable Putting Cup & Flag

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Developed to print flags after logo printing
Model No AP-NC-06
Country of Origin Made in Korea
Price USD
Price (FOB) 1,000 ea
Delivery 30 days




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Weight 64 (g) (Flag : 3.3 g)
Size ∮160mm
Color Yellow / Green



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- LOGO Printable / Gift
- Putting theorist, a all over the world.
Dave Peltz's Putting Bible by manufacturer with a view.
- Considering 17 inch (43cm) rule.
- The power fell far short in the hole.
Hole before the Ball lost power and direction will be arched in the processing.
- The force that can be passed through the hole has a feature straight and so  the putting storke of the pro has the same power as passing the hole.